Kristy Chan

Naarm/Melbourne-based graphic designer.


Towards an Orwellian Future

2022 - Identity, Publication, Print, Digital
Supervised by Matthew Walker

Towards an Orwellian Future is a campaign exploring privacy and surveillance concerns of media and technology. It aims to make media theory and the expert opinions of academics accessible to general audiences. The identity was designed to counter connotations of what an Orwellian society may look like (i.e. grey, solemn, formal), instead opting for a colourful, game-like, glitchy visual language. It also represents that our preconceptions of what an Orwellian society looks like may be outdated, with its reality hiding in plain sight.

The direction of this campaign was informed by participants’ responses to the design research kit. Included in the information campaign is a book titled Towards an Orwellian Future: A snapshot of present and emerging Orwellian media technologies, a microsite that hosts an archive of Orwellian media technologies, and a redaction tape.